JT Fine Woodworking knows that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. It is the centre of much of the action in the house, so we understand that you will want a kitchen that will fit your unique and varied requirements. Our creative designs will maximise the counter top area and cupboard space to fit entirely within your needs. When we’re finished, you won’t find one space wasted!

From Start To Finish

We have an expert team of kitchen installers, so once your kitchen is made, we can undertake all building works, plumbing and electrical requirements to achieve a seamless customer experience that we know is important to you.

100% HandMade

We can create your handmade kitchen for you in any design or colour, whether this is a hand painted finish, stained finish or natural wood finish.  The decision is in your hands, the professional finish is in ours.


Our expert woodworking team can create kitchen furniture to suit existing kitchens.  If you are not looking for an overall redesign, our furniture pairings may work for you. So if you have a design in mind, why not speak to us so we can help make your design a reality.

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